~ Special Update ~

FTP is now at Version 0.3.0

Hello everyone, we wanted give you guys a quick update on how things are going and a look at what we have done for this update. We'll leave a small list of changes made below, so feel free to read that over. Also, with this update we have added a few new hidden places. Can you find them all?

Hope you enjoy this update.

Til next time,

God Inspired Games

Here is a small update list of a few of the things that we have worked on.


  • Forest changes and upgrades
  • Dayton's house event updates (fixed crafting station)
  • Actors (Database)


  •  All enemies properly give exp now
  • Balanced and rebalanced all the enemies currently in the game


  • Searching in the feilds now shows a 'gab' window rather than a 'text' window (this will clean up the screen and not require you to go through the text window you wont have the text window cramping your style)
  • Got rid of some images that we don't use (this makes the game smaller and take up less space on your computer)


  • New Windowskin


Flood-TP (V 0.2.5).zip 559 MB
Oct 05, 2017

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